Lucid Dreamin' I & II Sheet Music Collection
Lucid Dreamin' I & II Sheet Music Collection

Lucid Dreamin' I & II Sheet Music Collection

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This Timeless Collection of piano solos will appeal to all pianists looking for music that will be enjoyable to learn and engage any audience that loves the piano . Lucid Dreamin' I&II is captivating both to our next generation of young music lovers and die hard classical fans alike

All 8 Original Compositions together in one PDF digital download along with High Quality front and back covers if you want to make in to your own book.

The piano is one of the most magnificent instruments ever created and each composition uses both its immense power and gentleness to tell a story.

"If you doubt my passion and enthusiasm for what I am saying here please check out the collection's performance worldwide on Spotify and Apple Music and you'll see 20 Million Streams and counting ........"

 The Arelius Original Piano Solos from Lucid Dreamin' I & II include

1. Waltz of Angels 

2. Strom Trooper

3. Lucid Dreamin' 

4. Dimensions 

5. Wonder

6. One Last Story

7. Masquerade

8. Jupiter Rising  

Wayne Wilkins is a Grammy winning composer and he shares with you his knowledge of the last 20 years of having successful music, inspired by masters of the past and present. Or just enjoy playing the music for yourself