The Sleepwalker Sheet Music Collection
The Sleepwalker Sheet Music Collection

The Sleepwalker Sheet Music Collection

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The Complete Sleepwalker Piano Suite by Arelius. Timeless Piano Music you will want to keep coming back to. 

All 6 Original Compositions together in one PDF digital download along with High Quality front and back covers if you want to make in to your own book.

Inspired by a trip to London where Wayne grew up. You will be transported to a city drenched in beautiful history and culture. Sleepwalker takes you to the iconic sites of Big Ben where you hear its Chimes echoing throughout Westminster, Buckingham Palace in all it's glory, The Tower of London where you may imagine standing at its gates, a glimpse of cobbled streets and Cathedrals, a ride down the River Thames where you get a second out of a busy life to get a clearer perspective and finally ending with "Gargoyles" which tells a tale of old buildings and carved statues watching over the city.

Every song tells its own individual story using this wonderful and powerful instrument. Ultimately though Wayne realised on his last trip back to London that all of us Sleepwalk through our life with our heads buried in phones and careers rather than taking in the beautiful world we live in and the beautiful people we are actually present with. It has only taken him over 30 years and a trip back to the city he had once lived, to write these compositions. How could he not have heard the Bells of Westminster (Carillon) as a composition when walking by it nearly every day 

There is also some additional information in this download about Wayne Wilkins the composer behind the Arelius porject

This Digital Piano Book contains the following music 

1. Carillon

2. Winter

3. Alone in St. Pauls

4. Thrones

5. 20/20

6. Gargoyles