Platinum 1 Edition - Over 50% OFF Ending Today

Platinum 1 Edition - Over 50% OFF Ending Today

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For a limited time only we are offering these Arelius' Original* Piano Sheet Music solos for only $34.99.

A 45% discount !!! ***PLUS additional 50% for the weekend only**

 This project is soon becoming one of the most popular contemporary classical piano projects today with over 30 MILLION streams worldwide and counting.........

We obviously can't keep it on sale for too long at this price so please go ahead and get this soon.

This is for you if :-

1. You like my music and at some point would like to play it. Get it NOW as this is the best offer I am able to make. 

2. Play the latest in classical piano music that you know people love. There are 1000's of new piano fans a day streaming or saving this collection

3. Engage new students if you are a teacher and want pieces to excite young pianists as well as more advanced pupils 

4. You would like an 73% discount off the original price of the individual sheet music

5. You have been playing the piano for just a little while. There is music in this collection that will be for you as well as professional musicians 

I hope you get much enjoyment playing my music, add it to your repertoire and that you take me up on this special offer. 

Here is your track listing 

1. Waltz of Angels 

2. Storm Trooper (received over 5.5 Millions Streams)

3. Lucid Dreamin' - (received over 2 millions streams)

4. Dimensions - (Over 1.7 Millions Streams)

5. Wonder - (Over 8 Millions streams)

6. One Last Story 

7. Masquerade

8. Jupiter Rising -  (A piano cover of Jupiter from the planets by Holst)

9. Carillon - (3 million Streams and counting )

10. Winter - (2 Million Streams)

11. Alone in St. Paul's  - (1 millions streams and counting)

12.  Thrones - (2 Million Streams)

13. 20/20

14 Gargoyles

15. 13

16 Rise

 *The only exclusion is "Over The Rainbow" for copyright reasons. Visit Sheet Music Plus separately for that arrangement