Thrones - Arelius Piano Solo

Thrones - Arelius Piano Solo

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This is the 4th track from the Sleepwalker EP by Arelius. The EP was inspired by Wayne recent trip back to London where her grew up. A city that he feels he took a little for grantid until he no longer lived there. 

This last trip was particularly inspiring to Wayne and this whole EP was conceived within a week the summer of 2019. It was fully recorded a few weeks later.

"Thrones" exactly as the title suggests represnts the majesty of landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament, Westminister Abbey ......... and the list goes on.

This piece is suitable for an advanced beginner and really the main challenge as in all things piano, is in how you control the instrument. There is plenty here for more advanced players also. Touch is everything!!

This piece of music as exceeded 1 MILLION streams on Spotify. Check out the Arelius solo piano performance HERE

*Offer only excludes the arrangement of "Over The Rainbow" due to copyright law